Milking the Pod Brewer Part 1: Tetley Tea

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been drinking a lot more tea lately. Of course, coffee remains my primary poison, but I’ve been expanding horizons a bit. Now I don’t mind tea bags, but I wish I could speed things up in the morning instead of waiting the tea to steep. So one day I decided to leverage my pod brewer. Instead of dunking the bag I put the tea bag into the pod holder and pressed the button.

Tetley tea bagsMy initial experiments with string-and-tag black tea bags yielded mixed results. Because of their rectangular shape they would allow water to pass around them, diluting the tea. This was okay if I wanted a light tea, but I wanted a little more punch than that.

Where could I get round tea pods? I could pay a premium for Republic of Tea or Melitta pods, but didn’t really want to. In the corner of my local Indian grocery store I found a box of 100 round Tetley Tea Bags selling for $2.99. Bullseye!

The tea is pretty strong by itself — the brewer extracts every ounce of oil and tannin out of the poor leaves in the tea bag. A splash of half and half tends to subdue the tannin, though.

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