Gedeo Coffee from Ritual Roasters

Gedeo (Image credit Scott Beale | Laughing Squid)

I first experienced the Gedeo blend from Ritual Roasters at the Coffee Van at the Oakton farmer’s market. This coffee originates from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Ron, the owner/barista, brewed me a shot to taste. At first sip I was taken aback by the intense, assertive lemon flavor, followed by a fruity finish. It was a lovely change from the usual.

Fast forward a few months. During my Saturday morning visit to the market, I finally bought some of the beans from Ron. At work, Mike Petrucci and I decided to take it through several brewing methods to see what works best. We tried French-pressing and the Aeropress. The lemon flavor was much more subdued, moving to the back of the mouth with the French press version. The Aeropress yielded a more vivid flavor palette, with the berry flavors showing up much more prominently. It has a much smoother finish when brewed this way.

As we experimented and drank this bean, we experienced how preparation methods changed the flavor profile drastically. Not all beans open themselves up to this much variety. You might want to pair the espresso version with something rich like cheesecake. Try it – you won’t be disappointed. Ron might still have some beans in stock – talk to him.

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