About Us

This site is about celebrating good coffee — and — tea — in unlikely places. It is also about warning fellow coffee drinkers about bad coffee being sold. The only rule we have is not to feature chain coffeehouses like Starbucks or Seattle’s Best, instead featuring independent coffeehouses, gas stations, fast food restaurants — any place that gives you good, honest, 100% arabica bean coffee that doesn’t taste like a wet paper bag.

Had a fabulous coffee experience lately? If it’s not at the usual suspects (see above) do tell us about it. Had awful coffee that tasted like sawdust soaked in battery acid? Tell us about that too, so we can all avoid the place. Unless we hit the perpetrators of bad coffee where it hurts — in the pocketbook — we’ll soon have to resign ourselves to double skinny mocha froth-only latte or whatever abomination Corporate Coffee pushes us. Even worse, Bad Coffee  would rule the world. Act now, or you’ll be choosing between bad coffee and expensive-as-hell frou-frou designer drinks that cost half your lunch money.